CILT - Mauritius

History of CIT and CILT

The Chartered Institute of Transport was founded in 1919, and was granted a Royal Charter status by the Privy Council in 1926 by the King of Great Britain. In 2001, following the merger of the Chartered Institute of Transport and the Institute of Logistics, the Royal Charter was amended by recommendations of the Privy Council, and by Order of the Queen, the name of the Institute was changed to be known as the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport.

The Global Status of the Institute

According to its Bye-Laws, the Institute consists of Territories and Branches in countries across the world all of which are governed by the Royal Charter and supervised by the CILT International. The CILT International is the governing body under the Royal Charter with appointed Trustees under the UK Charities Act and its registered office is in the UK. There are 33 certified Territorial and Branch Organisations throughout the world. All these 33 bodies are, in turn, regulated in through a Delegation Agreement that confers the CILT International Trustees authority for running the Institute's affairs to a country's Council or Board.

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