CILT - Mauritius

How to Join CILT

New Application and Upgrading of Membership

A member can upgrade his / her membership, depending on his / her knowledge and experience, to attain higher levels of membership. Your grade demonstrates your domain of experience and is reflected in the use of your post-nominals - MILT, CMILT, FCILT.

If you wish to upgrade your status, send the appropriate Application Form duly filled in with a full CV and testimonials to the Chairman , Membership Committee, Mr Aswanee Kumar Panday at the address indicated below :

Mr Aswanee Kumar Panday, (FCILT)
Chairman Membership Committee CILT Mauritius

Membership Requirements and Documents to be Submitted with the Application Form

Please note that you will need to fill in the appropriate CILT Form which may be download from this site under download section.

Your duly filled in Application Form must be accompanied by a hard copy of your CV and certified copies of your birth and educational certificates.

Kindly ensure that your CV include the following information as per the CILT requirements:

Processing of Application
The CILT Mauritius is empowered to approve only applications for Affiliate. All Applications for Member (MILT), Chartered Member (CMILT) and Chartered Fellow (FCILT), should be approved by the Membership Committee. Having satisfied the Membership Committee that the basic requirements has been met, applications are vetted and approved by the International Assessment Panel (IAP) in Hong Kong. The IAP meets on a quarterly basis. Administration and Certification Fees are applicable. The exact amount will be communicated to the Applicant while processing the Application.

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